Hi! I’m Andrea Crain!

I’m a SQL expert with a lot of other programming skills, an experienced remote worker and a creative problem solver.

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SQL Expert With Programming Chops

For 21 years I’ve been helping companies with SQL database programming, stored procedures, administration, reporting, data mapping and migration. The last five years have been completely remote, which I’ve found makes me so much more productive and allows for deep work!

How is this geek different?

Great communication skills! I value working on a diverse team, and I love the fresh perspectives of people with very different personality types. I’m an excellent writer, and I always put comments in my code. I also love training people, and have trained junior staff members and end users. I’m also very comfortable with public speaking, and have presented training sessions at conferences.

Creativity! Coming from a family where one parent is an artist and the other a programmer, I grew up surrounded by the arts and STEM topics! When you hire me, you get a perfect storm of lateral thinking and technical know-how.